Introducing Your Baby To Your Pets

Part 3 The New Family Routine

So far we have covered preparation and introductions in previous posts. Now we need to set up a good routine. Pets still need one on one time to prevent becoming competitive with your newborn make sure to allow time for them in your new busy routine. Create a safe space for your pet away from the baby particularly when they start to get mobile. If your having a tough day and you need to spend extra time with your baby, get toys for your pet to play with that will keep them occupied and stimulated, this will help reinforce good behaviour.

Your baby’s safety is the highest priority never leave your pet and baby alone together. If your pet is still having difficulty adjusting to the newest family member talk to your vet for any ideas or advise to help this process.

Reference: Amy Nooman, 1st December 2020, RPCA Queensland, available by clicking here.