Small Premature Babies

Babies come in all shapes and sizes and no two are exactly the same. Your little bundle of joy came along a little smaller or a little earlier than expected. Though not too different from a larger baby NESST has put together these helpful tips on how to best support your extra small baby.

Purchase smaller clothing. Baby clothes come as small as 0000000 (that’s seven 0’s) in size. These are to suit babies approximately 1.5 - 2kg. It is important to have well-fitting clothing as this gives them the best chance to maintain their body temperature. Consider using singlets and cardigans also. Don't buy too many as they will grow out of them quickly.

Purchase a pram insert. This will make it easier to settle your baby comfortably in the pram and prevent them rolling around. Make sure your baby is lying flat, comfortable and secure.

Car seat inserts. In a previous article NESST wrote about car seats and spoke about finding the correct cars seats to suit your baby. This article warned against aftermarket products such as pillows. NESST maintains its stance against using aftermarket products to secure your baby. Instead, use car seat inserts developed by the manufacturer of your chosen car seat. This insert would have been through all the required testing before being allowed on the market and is going to be the safest option for restraining your child for car trips.

Have warm blankets on hand. Smaller babies have a bigger challenge in maintaining their temperature. Having a blanket on hand ready to wrap them up helps maintain that temperature until they are big enough to self-regulate.

If your baby is premature or needs a little extra time in the hospital NESST recommends purchasing clothing that allows access for monitoring leads. Such as onsies with two zips or press studs.

If you have a small or premature baby and would like one on one support, contact your local NESST nurse for expert service and training.