Introducing Your Baby To Your Pets

Part 1 Preparation

Anytime a family dynamic changes the whole family must adjust to the new normal, this includes our beloved fur-babies.

Most pets can become quite excited by the all the new sights and smells of the new arrival. Nesst recommends laying some ground work before your little one arrives. Setting up the babies new nursery to include a baby gate will allow your pet to see everything going on while getting them used to not having access to the room. Nesst recommends separating baby and pet, remembering some diseases like ringworm can transmit from pet to people. Its also a good idea to have your pet see the vet for a check up before baby arrives. The new arrival will likely change your schedule upsetting your pet. Adjusting your schedule in advance i.e. morning walks become afternoon walks, no more sleeping on the bed etc.. will minimise disruption to your pet. Another new addition that may disrupt your pet is noise. Babies cry, coo and make all kinds of noises.

To help your pet adjust there are audio tracks of baby noises that you can play to acclimatise your pet in advance. It is important to reward your pet through this process to make it as positive experience as possible.

Reference: Amy Nooman, 1st December 2020, RPCA Queensland, available by clicking here.