Find answers to our most frequently asked questions.


Who can Nesst Nursing provide support to?

We see expectant parents who would like support to preparing for their new arrival. This may including prenatal breastfeeding advice, setting up of the nursery and what to expect post delivery. We also see newborn babies to 4 months old, we can provide advice and support with feeing, sleeping and general baby care ie bathing, swaddling, settling.

What suburbs does Nesst Nursing service?

We see clients on the Mornington Peninsula Victoria. We can accomodate some clients outside of the Mornington Peninsula however this would incur a travel fee. We can offer clients Australia wide an appointment via video if appropriate.

What qualifications do you have?

Our team are registered nurses and/or midwives. All registered on AHPRA. Coming soon we will have a International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

Can we see you whilst your still in hospital with your newborn?

Unfortunately we can not offer hospital consultations but we can book in a appointment soon after you arrive home.

Do we see families who have a multiple birth?

Absolutely. Our nurse is a parent of multiples and has nursing experience caring for twins, triplets and quadruplets.

Can Nesst Nursing support families who have babies with additional needs?

Yes. Our nurse had more that 15 years working in Special care nursery/Neonatal Intensive Care. We can support babies with feeding difficulties, nasogastric tubes, babies requiring home oxygen. Please contacts us with any questions.

How long are appointments?

We offer appointments between 30 minutes and 90 minutes depending on what you would like support with. Longer ones can be arranged if required.

How many appointment will I need?

Some issue may be resolved on one appointment however some families may require some follow up. Follow up appointments are generally shorter and some may be done via video if preferred.

Can we claim on private health insurance?

Currently we are not registered with private health incidence companies however we plan to be in the first half of 2024.

My baby was born prematurely, can Nesst Nursing still help?

Yes, we have extensive experience with premature babies and will see babies up to 4 months after there due date.