A Little About Us

Welcome to N.E.S.S.T. (Newborn and Expecting Support Services and Training), your beacon in the wondrous voyage of early parenthood, launching in late 2023. Our dedicated N.E.S.S.T. nurses, beyond being registered professionals, are your neonatal experts, lactation consultants, and sleep specialists. Whether it's face-to-face support, virtual guidance, or preparing for your little one's arrival, they’re here to empower you with tailored advice and comfort. At the core of N.E.S.S.T. is a community spirit, where we walk hand-in-hand with you on this transformative journey, ensuring you feel equipped, understood, and confident.

Servicing the beautiful Mornington Peninsula area. If you are outside the Mornington Peninsula, please send us a message by clicking here and we will reach out to you to discuss your needs. A travel surcharge may apply for travel outside the Mornington Peninsula.


Our Founder, Shae

Shae is a highly experienced and deeply passionate neonatal nurse with a commendable 17-year tenure in busy hospital settings. As a Registered Nurse and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, she brings extensive expertise to her role. Shae is an active participant in infection control and quality improvement initiatives, demonstrating her commitment to excellence in healthcare. Her warmth extends beyond professional boundaries, as she is dedicated to supporting families with their newborns, a testament to her caring nature. A mother of three, including twins, Shae understands the joys and challenges of parenthood firsthand. Her dedication to nurturing extends to her community involvement, where she generously offers her time and skills to support local families, embodying the spirit of compassion and community service.

Services We Provide

A support system to help you through your journey into parenthood.

Sleep and Settling

We understand that one of the most challenging aspects of having a newborn baby is sleep. We are here to help with settling techniques, advice on safe sleeping and establishing a routine your family is comfortable with.


Newborn Care

NESST provides a service for families that need support in caring for their baby - from day to day needs such as bathing and dressing to getting out and about. A NESST nurse can help advise you on every tasks such as feeding and sleeping challenges.


Lactation Support

We provide in-home breastfeeding support including addressing imperative issues such as establishing breastfeeding, feeding concerns, low supply and expressing.


Prenatal Visit

Helping build confidence prior to the arrival of your little one with expert advice on setting up the nursery, preparing for your hospital stay, getting ready to breastfeed or bottle feed as well as safe sleeping education.


NICU/SCN Support

A service for families who have a baby in hospital or a baby that is expected to be admitted to hospital post delivery. We provide support and education during this time. Advice on what to expect, how to prepare for a premature baby or medically complex baby to come home, expressing and establishing breastfeeding in small or premature babies.


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