Introducing Your Baby To Your Pets

Part 2 Baby Comes Home

Our previous post focused mostly on preparation, continuing this theme an important step to preparing your pet to meet your baby is smell. Get a blanket that you have previously wrapped your baby in and place it near your pets resting area.

Reward your pet with treats as you present the blanket and make sure not to place it in their bedding. If you choose not to have a home birth Mum's first day back from the hospital will be a big day for your pet. Mum should enter the house first so your pet can get over the excitement of Mum being home before being introduced to the newest member of the family.

Introductions need to be kept short and controlled initially, increasing in longevity each time. Nesst recommends that another adult keeps control of your pet for the first few introductions. If you have a cat it will want to curl up with your newborn for warmth while it sleeps. This can be dangerous to newborns and it is recommended that you keep you baby isolated from your pet during sleep times.

Reference: Amy Nooman, 1st December 2020, RPCA Queensland, available by clicking here.