Safe Sleeping

A cot in the parent's room is the safest place for your infant during their first year (0-12 months.) When putting your baby to bed there are some key points needed to ensure your baby is as safe as possible.

Purchase a cot that meets Australian safety standards. This is indicated by a label Australian Standard 2172:2003 and for portable cots Australian standards 2195:2009. (We will cover potable cots in another blog.) All new cots are required to meet Australian standards, however, secondhand or online sellers like eBay or Amazon may not comply with these standards. It is important to check this before purchasing, NESST recommends checking that these standards are present regardless of where you are purchasing from.

For more information on Australian cot Standards click here.

Often new parents want their baby to feel as comfortable as possible in their sleep space and elect to put their baby in the softest mattress they can find. Did you know, a soft mattress is a SIDS risk?

NESST recommends a firm mattress where your baby is supported. A newly introduced standard for sleep surfaces can be identified by the label Australian Standards AS8811.1:2013. NESST recommends only purchasing mattresses where this standard is present and avoiding using secondhand mattresses as they do wear out overtime. NESST also recommends purchasing a new mattress for every new child rather than reusing old ones.

To learn more about sleep surface testing click here.

Set up a safe sleeping space for your baby. This means removing any cot bumpers, soft toys or loose blankets as these can obstruct your baby's airway. Always lay your baby flat on their back to go to sleep and keep their face uncovered. You may either choose to wrap or use a sleeping bag for your baby.

If you have questions or are unsure of what is best for your family, please book an appointment with your local NESST nurse.