Pram Safety for Newborns

Taking your little one out and about for the first time can be surprisingly daunting. To make sure you are ready for your first adventure NESST recommends you follow these tips.

A newborn must be able to lie flat within the pram. Sitting up for a prolonged period puts pressure on the spine plus infants have the added weight of their head which they would not yet have developed the muscles needed to support properly. Not only is this very uncomfortable for the infant but it can cause injury over time. Another risk is to your infants' airways. During the early stages of development infants have ‘floppy airways’ which can be restricted by the weight of their head if they are positioned awkwardly. Laying your infant down removes pressure on the spine and frees restriction of the airways.

Strap them in. Babies are light and while they will grow very quickly a large bump, quick change in direction or being knocked may be enough to bounce your infant out of their pram. This type of incident can be easily avoided by making sure your infant is strapped in or by using a pram with a bassinet cover.

Make sure your baby is comfortable. Wrap your baby or put them in a sleeping bag (See our previous article on wraps vs sleeping bags by clicking here) for a better sleep.

Don't roll away. Make sure your pram has a wrist Teather to prevent pram rolling. No toys or pillows. Pillows and toys in the pram are a SIDS risk NESST recommends avoiding having them in the pram with your little one, your baby will be comfortable enough to sleep and the excitment of an adventure with you will provide all the stimulation they need.

For more information, please follow this link by clicking here to the raising children network Pram-stroller safety.